Eden Resort
Perdido Key, Florida

September 14th-16th

In order for us to accommodate everyone, we are asking that you send in this registration form and fees by September 1, 2016.

 Fees for Entire Meeting

                        Current Member                  $ 180.00
                                Non-Member                         $ 280.00 (includes 1 yr. Membership)

                        Spouse                                    $   85.00
                               Charter Boat Fee                  $ 160.00

If you would like to attend a portion of the meeting’s events the fees are as follows:

                        Wed Night Reception                                     $   35.00  per person
                       Thurs Night Cocktail Party and Dinner    $   60.00  per person
                       Thurs Fishing Trip                                         $ 160.00  per person
                       Friday Business Meeting and Luncheon    $   45.00  per person

 Name:  _______________________________________________Name for Badge___________________

 Spouse (if attending):  ___________________________________Name for Badge___________________

 Company:  ____________________________________________________________________________

 Address:  _____________________________________________________________________________

 City:  ____________________________ State:  ________________ Zip:  _________________________

 Telephone:  _____________________Fax: _____________________Email:  _______________________

 Date of  Arrival _________________________How many nights?________________________________

Check the events you plan to attend.  Please indicate if your spouse will also be attending.

 Wednesday                      Evening Reception                           Member ________           Spouse ________

Thursday                          Fishing Trip                                       Member ________           Spouse ________ 
                                 Golf                                                     Member ________           Spouse ________
                                            Cocktail Party & Dinner                  Member ________           Spouse ________ 

Friday                               Business Meeting                             Member ________          Spouse________ 
Luncheon                                           Member  ________         Spouse ________


***Please mail your registration form to FLIPPA, P. O. Box 230, Pensacola, FL 32591, or, fax the form to (850)434-6842.  If you have any questions, please call (850)434-6830.